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Business Communication
  Director Relator Thinker Influencer
Positive Intent: Get It Done Get Along Get It Right Get It Noticed
Needs: To Be In Control To Be Liked To Be Correct To Be Recognized Applauded
Communication Styles: Direct and to the point Indirect and considerate Indirect and detailed Direct and elaborate
Values: task people task people
fast pace slower pace slower pace fast pace
Behavior: Authoritative charges ahead Agreeable, personable, friendly, caring, helpful Attentive to details, systematic Creative, Warm, Charismatic, energetic
Strengths: Decisive, gets things done, confident Likeable, loyal, team player, steadfast, patient Accurate, fact finder, precise, organized People-oriented, persuasive, verbal skills, optimistic
Weaknesses: Intimidates and alienates people Indecisive, wastes time, gullible Stubborn, boring, aloof, unimaginative Egotistical, lacks follow-through, “flaky”
Under Pressure: Yells, blows up, bullies, throws tantrums and potshots, arrogant Submits, accommodates, gunny-sacks, passive, aggressive Becomes silent, flees or withdraws, becomes autocratic Talks louder and faster, complies


Part of materials from Kathleen Hasson Kirsch - for Support Center of San Diego, September 29, 1993.  National University.